Come celebrate with one more Margarita as we say goodbye to the Los Angeles Landmark El Chavo!



El Chavo opened it's doors in 1966 when Ricardo De La Garza, who waited tables across the street at La Villa Tasco, decided he wanted to own his own restaurant. De La Garza talked his good friend and chef Salvador "Chavo" into opening this restaurant with him. This partnership led to the name of the restaurant's meaning, which is a diminutive/nickname of the name "Salvador." 

The restaurant soon became famous for its delicious Margaritas and traditional Mexican cuisine. El Chavo's location made it a watering hole for the surrounding entertainment industry. One of the most notable of celebrity fans was Dolly Parton, who loved a strong Margarita and the restaurant's Sweet Corn Tamales. Today, El Chavo is a revived neighborhood landmark and a story we are proud to continue to tell.