When we go out for a cocktail, our hope is to have a multi-sensory experience—one where the atmosphere is warm, people are conversing and the drinks are excellent. So why can’t you have this quality experience outside of a bar? This is a question Cocktail Academy has challenged head on. Cocktail Academy quickly gained the attention of others and was hired to curate cocktail programs and bartend events (select clients include Nike, Disney, Bacardi, Microsoft, Imbibe), as well as consult on cocktail programs for new restaurants, bars and hotels (Sundry & Vice, Simbal, Doheny Room, Wolfgang Puck and Four Seasons). We realized people wanted to personalize their cocktail experience. whether through an event or creating a drink inspired by a brand, person or culinary concept. Through that, Cocktail Academy is able to capture the excitement and creative energy of a client and produce a unique and visually stunning program with quality ingredients. Flavor and service go hand in hand. “We’re committed to learning from our clients, from our neighborhood, from our investors, from our partners and from our experience,” said Landes. “We want to learn every day how to better personalize the experience and how to improve it.” Due to Cocktail Academy’s hands-on approach to hospitality, you know you’re going to have a great drink made with the highest level of expertise.